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YAC October 2023 Meeting

The Youth Advisory Council’s October 25th meeting focused on the topic of Education and Gun Violence Prevention. Through the eight bills that the Council discussed, many topics were discussed, such as ghost guns, assault weapon financing, legacy student admissions to universities and more. Before discussing the bills, Aurelia Friedman, a Senior Field Representative and Special Projects Manager for Congressman Lieu, regarding the Congressman’s work relating to education in gun violence prevention. She detailed how some of the Congressman’s legislative priorities include equal access to education for low income and disadvantaged students and increased government spending for public education. Some recent legislation Congressman Lieu has cosponsored related to education includes H.R.5276 - Disabled Federal Employees Protection Act, H.R. 2370 - Access to AEDs Act, and H.R. 4117 - College for All Act of 2023. Regarding gun violence prevention, Congressman Lieu supports gun violence reform and has worked with local nonprofit organizations relating to gun violence prevention. Some recent legislation Congressman Lieu has cosponsored related to gun violence prevention includes H.R. 2897 - End Gun Violence Act of 2023, H.R. 2753 - Firearms Retailer Code of Conduct Act of 2023, and H.R. 715 - Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2023.


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