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New Bill

Unfortunately, my bill titled the Artificial Intelligence Content Disclosure Act was unable to be introduced in the House of Representatives. Right before Congressman Lieu was going to introduce it, his team found that another Congressman introduced a similar bill just a few weeks prior. Because of this, his office gave me an opportunity to propose a different bill. My new bill, the Artificial Intelligence Training Disclosure Act, is still related to the negative impacts of artificial intelligence technologies, but is adjusted to focus more towards the data used to fuel these AI models.

The purpose of the Artificial Intelligence Training Disclosure Act is to institute guidelines for disclosing the use of personal information and legally protected works in the datasets used for training artificial intelligence (AI) models. This bill would require AI technologies to clearly inform users about their personal data collection. Specifically, these requirements would include:

  1. Prominently displayed disclosure of what information is being used to train the AI model

  2. Disclose the collection of personal information, which can include but is not limited to names, addresses, contact information, financial information, and medical data

  3. Disclose the name of the creative work and artist in which the model is trained on. This can include but is not limited to written works, digital art, physical art, cinematic works, and comedy sketches

  4. Disclose the name of the creative work, artist, producer if applicable, and copyright or fair-use information of legally protected works 

  5. Prompting individuals to provide informed and explicit consent for the collection, use, and storage of their personal data

  6. Ensuring that requests for consent preferences are transparent and easily accessible to users

  7. Implementing adequate data security measures including encryption and access controls to protect all data that is collected

In order to enforce this act, fines will be issued to any persons or entities that fail to comply with the requirements.


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