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Bill Proposal for 2024

As part of Congressman Lieu's Youth Advisory Council, I have the opportunity to write a bill proposal that could possible be introduced in the House of Representatives. My bill is titled the Clean Skies Initiative for Space Exploration Act.

The purpose of the Clean Skies Initiative for Space Exploration Act is to allocate funds towards programs that improve global air conditions to mitigate the negative effects of space exploration activities. Recognizing the environmental impact of space endeavors, this legislation seeks to proactively address air quality concerns through increased funding for air improvement programs. 

For every space exploration activity, 5% of the amount of money spent on funding that mission would be used towards improving air quality. For example, if the mission costs 200 billion dollars, 10 billion dollars would be put toward funding air quality improvement programs. Since many space explorations are funded by the United States Government, this would mean that more funds are allocated towards improving our environment. Some examples of program disbursements include stipends to incentivize switching to a clean air vehicle or home renewable energy source. A proper use of this money would be determined by the Environmental Protection Agency. This bill strives to strike a balance between the advancements in space exploration and the preservation of global air quality, fostering a sustainable approach to space endeavors.


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