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Working in United States Bankruptcy Courts

Recently, I gained the opportunity to work in the Honorable Vincent P. Zurzolo's chambers in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. I have been learning about different aspects of bankruptcy and how to interpret law. It is interesting to see how policies that have been passed into law are interpreted to assist in case rulings.

One of the main things I have been especially interested in learning about is the discharge of debts. Judge Zurzolo talked to me about how the bankruptcy system was put in place in order to give citizens a second chance, away from their debts, to restart their life and contribute to the country's economy. When a debtor files for bankruptcy and qualifies for a discharge of their debt, they are able to be released from the burden of their debt. It is amazing to me how this system was put in place to give a second chance to good people who have had unfortunate life circumstances.


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