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Starting a Youth Voter Registration Drive

After hosting my first voter registration drive, I wanted to clearly explain what I did in order to carry out this event. Below are the steps I took and some explanation on how you can host a drive too!

Attended a Workshop by Civic Center

Civic Center is an organization that is aimed at encouraging youth voting and removing barriers to vote. I attended a workshop that they host on Tuesdays ( The workshop leaders detailed the steps needed to host a drive and even sent me a free box with the resources needed! The box included stickers, posters, and lollipops to entice people to the drive. The Civic Center also could set up a custom link for drives to help students track how many people registered/pre-registered to vote from that drive.

Planned the Date and Location

The only thing left that I needed to do after going to the workshop was planning the logistics of my drive. Thankfully, my school let me host my drive during lunchtime one day without much work.

Hosted the Drive

I hosted the drive at my high school and was able to successfully get some of my peers to register to vote!


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