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Congressman Lieu's Youth Town Hall

Today was Congressman Lieu's Youth Town Hall. As part of his Youth Advisory Council, I gained the opportunity to present at the event. It was hosted in auditorium at Da Vinci Renaissance School in El Segundo. My presentation was about my bill proposal, the Artificial Intelligence Content Disclosure Act.

The purpose of the Artificial Intelligence Content Disclosure Act is to institute guidelines for disclosing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) generated content in creative works, informing consumers of possible bias and inaccurate information. AI technologies has become a popular method to create works of art, writing, and films. Although AI has its benefits, it may create an undisclosed source of bias, particularly in articles and other written materials. Many people believe that using AI-generated work as a replacement for creative work diminishes the need for creation by people.

I was able to present my bill proposal to Congressman Lieu and to my local community at the Town Hall, which was incredibly rewarding as I worked on my proposal for months.


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