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Congressman Lieu's YAC 2023

After having been apart of Congressman Lieu's Youth Advisory Council (YAC) for the past year, I decided to reapply and continue my time. Through my experience in the YAC, I have learned so much about the federal legislative process and how to draft a bill proposal. I really enjoyed the discussions with the Council about the many important issues we covered. The aspect I find most amazing about the Youth Advisory Council is the ability for young people like me to talk to Congressman Lieu’s office about issues we believe in.

This year, I ran for President on the Council. Through my experience drafting a bill and engaging in discussions the previous year, I felt that I was experienced enough to become President. We held elections at our first meeting in September, and I got the position! I am excited to work with the new Council and facilitate our insightful and engaging discussions. At this meeting, we also gained the opportunity to talk to Congressman Lieu and learn about his story, experiences as a Congressman, and legislative priorities.


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