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Beacon House Luncheon

I helped with coordinating a luncheon at the Beacon House Association. Over 20 elected officials attended this event, including a state senator, Assemblymember Gipson, and several city councilmembers. The event was aimed at informing these elected official about the amazing work the Beacon House was doing. This organization has helped transform the lives of former drug addicts, taking them through ever step of the recovery process. I learned about the amazing results of their program as well as the struggled the residents went through. Most of them fell into a life of drugs and crime due to their environment, and now they are able to realize their potential because of the Beacon House's work to help them recover and reintegrate into society.

I also was able to connect with many of the elected officials at the event, and it was really interesting to hear about the work they were doing. At the end of the luncheon, Assemblymember Gipson announced that he secured $1.25 million for the Beacon House to expand the work that they do.


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