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Our Story

Fighting for What We Believe In. Together.

YouthVoter.Org began as a local San Francisco Activist Group in 2023, focusing on social awareness and community action. We soon became recognized as an empowered collection of leaders—engaging with more and more people, adding more and more supporters, and amplifying more and more voices.

YouthVoter.Org leads campaigns that promote real solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by society. We challenge the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be, and are proud to be a force for positive transformation.

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Our mission is to inspire and promote impactful solutions to some of the most critical issues we face through the power of civic engagement. Join our community of activists and allies as we work towards a better and more just world.

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Our Activist Group

Empowering the Community

Founded in 2023, YouthVoter.Org has led numerous successful campaigns that have produced real change, both in San Francisco and across the nation. Through events, telethons, and online petitions organized by our dedicated members, we work to hold leaders and decision-makers accountable for their actions, moving them to rethink what is possible.

Our Movement

What We Do


As a large movement of activists, Outreach is close to our hearts. We believe that the best solutions for society come from within, and make it our mission to build awareness so that this is a possibility across the globe.

Crowd Protesting


YouthVoter.Org has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that Partnership is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. Come and join us.

Public Demonstration


Advocacy is an essential pillar of our Activist Group. There is strength in numbers, and we work to inform and encourage others to take a stand for what they believe in. Want to learn more?

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